Alfred’s favourite announcements from E3 2021

The global pandemic put the brakes on some of the biggest and most anticipated events in the world, including the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3. Arguably the biggest event in the video games calendar, with development grinding to a halt as governments worldwide demanded we stay home, last year was… Read More


We are thrilled to announce that Gearbox Publishing, the U.S. American video game development company, has appointed Alfred to spearhead its We Happy Few global PR campaign. After being founded in 2016, Gearbox Publishing continues to focus on helping developers around the world bring their products to market. From recently… Read More

The Week That Was: Games – 07/06/19

E3 Hype Builds Despite Sony Omission As we get closer to the pre-eminent event of the games calendar, the rumour mill is starting to turn… Despite the glaring omission of Sony from this year’s E3, studios and publishers are already teasing announcements and unveiling conferences for… Read More

The Week That Was: Games – 31/05/19

Gotta Catch ‘Em All Last night, the Pokémon Company hurriedly announced the addition of four brand new Pokémon games and services to their established stable of products. This included a new Detective Pikachu game, a new cloud-based Pokémon storage and trading service, a new mobile game where… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (17/05/19)

Detective Pikachu is fresh In a world of below-par videogame films, Detective Pikachu has been a spark for change and our fluffy friend has had the best opening weekend for a videogame film in the US. Warcraft still holds the title globally, but Detective Pikachu is rated higher critically… Read More

The Week That Was: Games – 03/05/19

Movie Sonic to undergo cosmetic surgery The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog dropped this week and the fans were beyond nonplussed – giving birth to countless memes and overwhelming criticism focussed on the classic character’s design. Yesterday, the director came forward and has pledged to change Sonic to make… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (08/03/19)

Apex Legends hits a new milestone EA’s jack-in-the-box launch of Apex Legends – a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe – has smashed all expectations and hit 50 million players in its first month! To celebrate, the Apex Legends Twitter account shared its thanks with the community by posting a… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (01/02/19)

Kingdom Hearts III and the downloadable ending Kingdom Hearts III’s ending is locked away until you, the keyblade wielder, completes the game. To avoid piracy ahead of launch, with fears of further leaks after previous scares, Square Enix ensured that only those with the legitimate… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (25/01/19)

Reap rewards as Farming Simulator gets an eSports league After testing the waters with last year’s Farming Simulator championship – in which hay bale stackin’ was the focus – Farming Simulator League has been born. GIANTS Software have teamed up with the likes of Logitech G, Intel, and… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (11/01/19)

Epic Games partners with Ubisoft in the store’s first major partnership Epic continues to disrupt the games industry by bagging exclusive PC distribution with Ubisoft for The Division 2, releasing March 15th this year! The Division 2 will not be available on Steam and is set to… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (07/01/19)

UK Games Industry worth more than half of the entertainment market Estimated at a staggering £3.7bn, the UK games industry has more than doubled its 2007 value and is now worth more than music and video combined! It was boosted massively in 2018 thanks to… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (20/12/18)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the fastest selling Nintendo home console game, ever, in Europe Nintendo UK’s official Twitter account tweeted: “Thank you for making Super #SmashBrosUltimate the fastest-selling Nintendo home console game of all time in Europe!” as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues to ‘smash’ sales… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (14/12/18)

PS4 puts the spotlight on the players as birthday celebrations continue After PS4 celebrated turning five last week, with some great community stats, this week it’s time to get personal and slightly terrify yourself wth a video dedicated to your very own time with the console spanning… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (07/12/18)

The Games Awards The Games Awards celebrated this year’s amazing roster of games and looked to 2019 with a plethora of announcements and teases. God of War took the crown for Game of the Year and Red Dead Redemption 2 rode into the sunset with the most awards… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (30/11/18)

  Future becomes no 1 publisher for technology news in the UK Future Publishing, whose properties include PC Gamer, Official PlayStation Magazine, and EDGE – to name but a few – now ranks first for technology news in the UK and US! This report came from ComScore, which… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (14/09/18)

Can’t catch Spider-Man Spider-Man PS4 has become the fastest selling game of the year in the UK charts, beating Far Cry 5 and God of War to the top spot! It is also the fastest selling Marvel game in history, swinging ahead of LEGO Marvel Superheroes and the… Read More

The Week That Was Games (31/08/18)

Cyberpunk is the most watched stream on Twitch for an upcoming game this year At Gamescom, the highly anticipated Cyberpunk 2077 had fans crying out to see gameplay. CD Projekt Red initially had trepidations about letting the work in progress demo go public but, following Gamescom, CD Projekt streamed the meaty 50 minute… Read More

The Week That Was Games (24/08/18)

This week saw in the second-largest event in the gaming calendar: Gamescom. We got to see more from the likes of Battlefield V, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Biomutant, Fallout 76, Resident Evil 2, Life is Strange 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and more – with consumers getting the chance to experience the… Read More

The Week That Was: Games (10/08/18)

PlayStation hits a magic number in console sales 24 years. 500 million consoles. One system. PlayStation has hit the 500 million mark in console sales since the release of the PS1 back in 1995 across the PS1, PS2, PSP, PSP Go, PS3, PS Vita, PS Vita TV,… Read More

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