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Helldivers 2 – Deploying a community

Helldivers 2 is both a marvel and total anomaly; a AA smash hit, outpacing sales and engagement seen in AAA titles, and a live service model that has even sceptics thrilled. It has shattered expectations on all fronts; from sales through to its refreshing approach to a community…

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Digital Empathy: Making Content That Sticks

Creating content that stirs the soul and moves the heart isn’t just a matter of luck; it’s a craft, an understanding that what we share can either touch lives or pass by unnoticed. When social media shares fuel algorithms, apathy is the adversary that content creators…

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HOW CAN BRANDS EARN ATTENTION IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY? In a world where algorithms evolve overnight and trends shift like the wind, staying ahead means embracing adaptability and innovation. Our approach to PR and communications isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about leading the way. Alfred Account Director Niall De’Ath…

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The Mobile World Congress series, which focuses on connectivity, mobile, and networks, has come to an end after another exciting year. This year witnessed many new innovations, led by a wave of AI, 5G, and various other cutting-edge technologies. Here are a few that caught our attention!  …

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LIAM’S SABBATICAL ADVENTURE DOWN UNDER Last year, Alfred implemented a new employee benefit: a 4-week paid sabbatical. The sabbatical rewards long-serving employees – those who have dedicated more than 3 years to the company – and is in addition to someone’s regular holiday allowance.  It’s pretty…

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We continue to create work we are proud of that drives actions and reactions from the people we are looking to reach - whether that’s driving change in a specific industry or sparking joy on social media. Here is a roundup of some of our recent work across earned, owned and paid - making an impact for the brands and businesses we work with.

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My Apprenticeship At Alfred – Deborah Bakare

My Apprenticeship At Alfred  I started my internship at Alfred in April 2023. The opportunity came my way following completing the 20/20 Change Programme. 20/20 Change is a social mobility organisation dedicated to empowering Black and racially underrepresented young individuals by offering opportunities to maximise their potential.

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2023 and our tenth year

As we close the page on 2023 and our tenth year in business, we wanted to mark the milestone with a few highlights from our journey, share how we’ve evolved as a business, and our progress on key areas in 2023. We started in 2013, with…

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Alfred Ten Talks: celebrating uniqueness

We all love brand comms at Alfred. But we love a whole lot of other stuff too.    So we started a monthly lunchtime session called ‘Ten Talks’, where two members of our team give a talk about something that interests them. The brief is simple:…

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Diversity and Inclusion 2023 Update

In 2022 we made a number of commitments around improving our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a business.   We shared our first progress update last year, and said we’d continue to be transparent about our journey, both internally with our…

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Lego’s brick wall: a lesson in corporate reputation

Last week, the world’s largest toy maker had to disappoint stakeholders, legions of fans and the climate community when it abandoned a major sustainability target. But Lego’s honesty in the face of a huge setback is a lesson in corporate reputation management.   So what was the…

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Alfred becomes a B Corp

We’re very proud to share the news that we are now B Corp certified. It’s been our vision since day one to have a positive impact on the world – on our people, on the planet and on culture – so while we started the B Corp journey almost…

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The Alfred Culture Awards 2023

This year, we celebrated 10 years of Alfred.  The agency wouldn’t be what it is today without the team behind it. It’s important to us to recognise and celebrate the team’s contributions to the agency, and the positive impact they make to their colleagues and clients. …

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Alfred 2023 Q2 Review: Celebrating Triumphs, Innovations, and Growth

As we entered the second quarter of 2023, we celebrated a significant milestone – Alfred’s 10th birthday. It reminded us of our continued commitment to inspire brands to be a force for good, reflected in our mantra, #MovementsNotMoments. Q2 saw us achieving a series of groundbreaking milestones, from launching…

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