The Week That Was: Games (01/02/19)

1st February 2019


Kingdom Hearts III and the downloadable ending

Kingdom Hearts III’s ending is locked away until you, the keyblade wielder, completes the game. To avoid piracy ahead of launch, with fears of further leaks after previous scares, Square Enix ensured that only those with the legitimate copy of the game would see the ending, via a launch day patch. The patch automatically downloads the hidden ending, once you’ve completed the rest of the game. We look forward to discovering the ending spoiler-free!

Quantic Dream pulls out of PlayStation exclusives

The studio behind Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human and Beyond Two Souls has decided to pull out of PlayStation exclusives. While its games will still appear on PlayStation, the studio has changed its approach for a ‘new beginning’ following a number of controversies and allegations. Instead, they have secured funding from NetEase – a major Chinese publisher whose recent investments include Bungie’s new unannounced IP and the upcoming Diablo mobile game.

Dragon causing congestion on the way to Bethesda

A 6ft tall and 14ft wide dragon is causing congestion as it looms over the A5, en route to the Welsh town Bethesda – not the prolific games studio! ‘Draig Dderw’, Oak Dragon, was carved by the talented Simon O’Rourke and took six days to complete. The proclaimed ‘Dragon of Bethesda’ is slowing down drivers in potentially treacherous winter conditions, so North Wales Police have had to issue a warning to motorists slowing down or stopping to admire the Dragon. It must be quite a spectacular sight!

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