The Week That Was: Games – 03/05/19

3rd May 2019

Movie Sonic to undergo cosmetic surgery

The trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog dropped this week and the fans were beyond nonplussed – giving birth to countless memes and overwhelming criticism focussed on the classic character’s design. Yesterday, the director came forward and has pledged to change Sonic to make him ‘the best he can be’.

Saints Row is coming to the big screen

It’s all about the movies this week, as Saints Row has been picked up by director F. Gary Gray, whose most recent project is the upcoming Men in Black: International. Details are currently scarce, but as avid fans of the franchise we are keen to find out what’s in store for the big-screen Saints!

Sea Hero Quest

BAFTA nominated VR title Sea Hero Quest, developed by the UK studio Glitchers, is helping researches better understand Dementia. Thanks to 3.5 million users contributing to the research via simply playing the game, this has equated to “the equivalent of 15,000 years of similar lab-based research!” The mobile title assesses a person’s spatial awareness and is in partnership with renowned neuroscientists in order to detect crucial patterns connected to the condition.

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