Alfred Year in Review: 2019

It’s been an amazing year at Alfred and so, we wanted to take a moment to look back at everything we’ve achieved in 2019. We’re proud to have done some of our best, most impactful work yet, continued relationships with some brilliant clients and won some new ones. And, found… Read More

Alfred Loves… Stanley Kubrick

At Alfred, we understand that inspiration comes in many forms, and for many of us film leads the way. The Alfred team recently attended The Stanley Kubrick Exhibition at the Design Museum and enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the creative process of one films most infamous minds. With… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment – 24/05/19

The Iron Throne Well, that was… unexpected. Has there ever been a more divisive finale? The final episode of Game of Thrones took ‘water cooler chat’ to a brand new level with tens of millions of tweets and quite heated debates in households, offices and anywhere in… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment (22/02/19)

Odeon Cinema has celebrates women in film with OSC-HERS Lady Gaga and Olivia Colman have been given the Oscars treatment, as the Hollywood stars were turned into personal versions of the gold statuettes ahead of the Academy Awards at the end of the month. Following… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (08/02/18)

Game of Thrones prequel confirmed to shoot THIS SUMMER! It’s now only two months until the highly anticipated final season of Game Of Thrones and whilst all fans will find it tough to wave goodbye to Westeros, you can relax, as it is confirmed that the prequel… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment and TV (01/01/19)

Bo Peep’s Back For A New Toy Story 4 Teaser Disney revealed the character’s new makeover in the newest poster and video clip for the upcoming movie, Toy Story 4. Bo Peep who usually wears her trademark dress and hoop skirt is now sporting a… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (25/01/19)

Breaking Bad’ movie might just be a thing! Five years on from the original series’ dramatic and bloody end, there might just be a return of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. News originally broke on November 6 that the acclaimed show’s creator Vince… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (18/01/19)

Spider-Man Far From Home After its initial debut at Brazil Comic Con, eager fans around the world finally got to see the Spider-Man Far From Home trailer this week. There’s been a lot of discussion around the trailer, its placement in the MCU following… Read More

The Week that Was: Entertainment and TV (20/12/18)

Macaulay Culkin is Home Alone again Macaulay Culkin made a comeback this week as Kevin from Home Alone in Google’s new advert promoting the Google Assistant software. He goes through iconic scenes from the film, but this time with the assistance of Google!… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment and TV (14/12/18)

Aquaman At this week’s Aquaman premiere, Jason Momoa dazzled the blue carpet with a haka performance along with his kids, friends and co-star New Zealand native Temuera Morrison, who plays Aquaman’s dad. Sundance Film Festival It has been announced that the Sundance… Read More


  The Oscars Update The Oscars has announced it will be shortening the ceremony to 3 hours this year, as well as introducing a new category ‘Most Popular Film’. This is in a bid to refresh the ceremony, following the disappointing ratings of only 26.5 million last… Read More


Isle of Dogs Does Good To mark the home entertainment release of the latest Wes Anderson film, Isle Of Dogs, Twentieth Century Fox have partnered with The RSPCA. To re-create a scene from the film they used famous pups such as Marcel le Corgi, Cockapoo Marley, Doug… Read More


More than TV ITV’s Chief Executive, who arrived in January, has announced a new strategy for the channels – calling the network “more than TV.” Part of this strategy includes launching a Netflix-like streaming service and creating a “direct to consumer” business to reduce its dependence on advertising. Read More


Gemma Collins in new Netflix Crossover To promote the release of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black Series Six, self-proclaimed Queen of Essex Gemma Collins managed to book herself a stay in Litchfield prison which was filmed and scripted with cast members. This was not only shared… Read More


  Kit Harington Says Goodbye to Game Of Thrones The actor who plays Jon Snow in popular series Game of Thrones, wrapped filming in early July and has since admitted he’s struggling to come to terms with the fact it is over for him. But alas, even… Read More


More Than 24 Million Watch England’s Penalty Shootout Win More than 24 million tuned in to watch the Three Lions beat Colombia in the last sixteen of The World Cup, and this is not counting all the people who watched at the pub (just… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (29/06/18)

Netflix Looking at Subtitle Change Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown and all-round good guy has taken to Twitter to urge Netflix to improve its subtitles for deaf viewers. This is after he spotted on the social media platform that viewers were complaining about the service misrepresenting, censoring and… Read More

The Week that was: Entertainment & TV (22/06/18)

It’s ‘official’ – Gen Z Don’t Watch TV Business Insider released a report claiming Gen Z simply don’t consume traditional TV any more, turning to YouTube for short content which holds their attention. There’s also zero tolerance for TV commercial breaks, having grown up in an age of… Read More

The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (15/06/18)

This week we discuss the hot topics from the world of Entertainment & TV. Check out the most talked about trends and discover campaigns that are creating an impact. The City that Shaped Bowie The Brooklyn Museum, NY partnered with Spotify for an impressive takeover of a Brooklyn subway station,… Read More

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