The Week That Was: Entertainment & TV (29/06/18)

29th June 2018


Netflix Looking at Subtitle Change
Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown and all-round good guy has taken to Twitter to urge Netflix to improve its subtitles for deaf viewers. This is after he spotted on the social media platform that viewers were complaining about the service misrepresenting, censoring and simplifying dialogue from a variety of shows. Since his tweets, Netflix are looking into the issue and working to get it fixed. The power of the Fab Five strikes again!

Good Evening Britain
For the first time ever riding high on a ratings wave from the England match, ITV scheduled the first ever Good Evening Britain. It had a line-up of Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Danny Dyer, Pamela Anderson and Jeremy Corbyn. It certainly got everyone talking – whether this was merely a pilot and there will be more of these to come only time will tell.

100 – Greatest Ever Movies
The Telegraph’s Film Critic Robbie Collin has listed his favourite ever films in this long read – everything from Borat, American Psycho, The Dark Knight Rises to Singin’ In The Rain are included. It made a great debate in the office. What films would make it in your 100?

That Gemma Collins Interview
Self-described diva Gemma Collins conducted an interview with Now Magazine this week. It is interview gold. A disagreement is printed in which the journalist is told off by Gemma over the fact she has not read the book Gemma was promoting (despite the fact she had not been sent it). The exchange has been printed verbatim. The PR has been quoted within the piece, which just shows nothing is off the record.

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