6th July 2018


More Than 24 Million Watch England’s Penalty Shootout Win

More than 24 million tuned in to watch the Three Lions beat Colombia in the last sixteen of The World Cup, and this is not counting all the people who watched at the pub (just a few, we reckon).  Putting this into context only 18 million watched this year’s Royal Wedding. This is an astonishing number given that live TV numbers have been in decline for a number of years, proving that live sport will always be a draw for audiences. Altogether now…. ‘Three Lions on A Shirt.’

More People Watch Netflix in the US than Cable TV  

Even though nothing can replace live television for sporting events, a new survey conducted by Varity, has only cemented the fact that streaming is where people are watching TV. They asked 2,500 adults “Which platforms do you use most often to view video content on?” Netflix took the top spot with 27% of respondents naming the streaming service, *with only 20% of people saying cable would be there top choice.

Channel of the Year: BBC 3

At this week’s Broadcast Digital Awards, BBC3 took home the top award beating the likes of Comedy Central, BBC Four and E4… an amazing feat given that it is a truly digital channel. It attracts 5.5 million views a week – about 8% of the broadcaster’s total. The breadth of the channel’s content offering impressed the judges, with comedies like People Just Do Nothing, This Country and The Young Offender sitting alongside thought-provoking documentaries aimed at a younger audience.

Missguided’s thanks Love Island effect for Sales Boost

The power of Love Island does not seem to be stopping. Clothing brand Missguided released figures claiming they’ve seen a 40% increase in sales – due to the cast being decked out in their clothes and the wall-to-wall advertising in the breaks. No surprise that their Marketing Director said nothing reaches its core 16-29-year-old female audience more than the show.

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