The Week That Was: Games (22/06/18)

22nd June 2018


This week we are taking a look at the latest news in the Games Industry. Featuring the most talked about trends, campaigns, and what’s having an impact on consumers…

Players of Fortnite Trollied

Epic Games have been disabling the one and only in-game vehicle, a trolley, as players continue to thwart the laws of physics. Players have been using the trollies to get under the game map and take advantage of other players, who cannot see their lurking foes. Epic have disabled the vehicle again until these issues are ‘fully resolved’ and will let players know when the trolley will be released back into the wild.

Microsoft and Nintendo showcase their inter-console relationship

Xbox and Nintendo have shared a video to remind the world that Sony is not involved in console crossplay, meaning players on different consoles cannot play together online. The video features the hugely successful title Minecraft, encouraging players to create, explore, and survive together with the console giants. With their iconic colours, Green and Red, it highlights plainly that Blue (PlayStation) is nowhere to be seen in this piece of clever marketing which adds further spark to the crossplay conversation.

New Kickstarter campaign for new Nintendo Switch accessory

Fangamer, an online accessory and apparel retailer, is calling for support to make vertical gaming more accessible on the handheld console. With a prototype in place, Jeremy Parish (Retronauts podcast) and hardware engineer Mike Choi have set up a Kickstarter campaign to fund manufacturing costs and see if the ‘Flip Grip’ has a substantial audience.

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