27th July 2018


More than TV

ITV’s Chief Executive, who arrived in January, has announced a new strategy for the channels – calling the network “more than TV.” Part of this strategy includes launching a Netflix-like streaming service and creating a “direct to consumer” business to reduce its dependence on advertising.

Virgin Waves Goodbye to Gold
Last weekend, Virgin Media customers lost access to 10 UKTV channels, including Dave and Gold, following a failed renegotiation between the network and service provider. The talks are ongoing, but at the moment there’s no sign of a positive outcome and Virgin Media is reportedly seeking expressions of interest to take over the channel slots in the near future.

Game of Thrones is back… at some point
BREAKING NEWS GOT FANS! HBO has announced that the last series will air in the first half of 2019. Almost time to set the series link…

Pimp your Netflix Profile
Netflix, for the first time, has updated its profile icon, so now you can choose characters from your fave Netflix shows. Hands up who is going to choose Queer Eye’s JVN!

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