The Week that was: Entertainment & TV (22/06/18)

22nd June 2018


It’s ‘official’ – Gen Z Don’t Watch TV

Business Insider released a report claiming Gen Z simply don’t consume traditional TV any more, turning to YouTube for short content which holds their attention. There’s also zero tolerance for TV commercial breaks, having grown up in an age of the fast-forward button. We love to see, however, that 90s classics and teen dramas are still a hit, with teens claiming to adore 30 min Friends episodes to fill time.

Queer Eye Goes Down Under
Queer Eye has certainly earned its right to be described as a global sensation. The makeover show has taken the world by storm and this week the Fab Five have broken out of Atlanta and landed down under with a 20 min Netflix special. The show has already grown into a brand itself and the worldwide publicity push has been second to none. We expect to see these guys everywhere we turn this year, fingers crossed for a UK season.

Buzzfeed Bits Farewell to The Try Guys
Buzzfeed’s most successful video act, The Try Guys – who have racked up billions of views – have left the publisher to set up their own production company. The move demonstrates the ever-blurring lines between editorial, content, talent and production.

Diversity is Still Dismal Among Film Directors
An annual report by Directors Guild of America, released this week, proved the level of diversity within the directors’ circuit is still poor, despite far more conversation in the industry and press. The report found that only 16% of films made in 2017 were directed by women and just 10% were by film-makers of colour, which is the lowest since 2013! We hope real change is on the horizon.

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