The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (10/08/18)

10th August 2018



Are you drinking enough water?
This week, there have been dehydration warnings that millions of Brits are not drinking enough water during the UK heatwave. Research conducted by British water company ACTIPH discovered that on 10% of adults are consuming the recommended 1.4 to 1.8 litres a day of water and only 19% were actually even aware of the daily recommended water intake. Thirsty anyone?

Too much sleep is bad for you
A new study revealed that too much sleep could be bad for your health. Research led by the universities of Keele, Manchester, Leeds and East Anglia showed that sleeping more than 8 hours per night is likely to increase the chances of an early death and increase the risk of heart disease and strokes by 47%. There always seem to be studies released on the perfect amount of sleep, we’re happy with our 8 hours.

Breathe, Net and GO!
Online presence is now being considered as normal as breathing, recent figures showed that 97% of adults aged between 25-34 access the internet whilst on the go. The use in daily internet has more than doubled, Office for National Statistics has revealed the rise has gone from 35% adults in 2006 to 86% last year. With tech and internet usage among children and millennials becoming a hot topic, we’re not surprised by these statistics.

McDonald’s Kids Happy Meals now considered healthy
McDonald’s Happy Meals will now be advertised during children’s TV shows because they’ve been approved as “healthy” by The UK advertising watchdog. Other brands such as KFC and Kellogg’s Coco Pops have been banned from promoting their foods to the younger audience. Happy Meals for us at lunch time!

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