Walk Like An Egyptian…

This week, as part of our monthly culture currency initative, the Alfredian team took a trip to the Saatchi Gallery to take a look at its latest Tutankhamun Exhibition, Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh. Featuring more than 150 original objects unearthed by British explorer, Howard Carter, the dazzling display of… Read More

The Week That Was: Health and Wellbeing – 07/06/19

Spinning and yoga classes should be introduced by employers during lunchtime, NICE says Lunchtime yoga and spinning classes should be introduced by employers to stop staff becoming obese, health officials have said. Limit of human endurance discovered by Duke University and pregnancy is very close to… Read More

The Week that Was: Health & Wellbeing – 31/05/19

McDonald’s could be joining vegan revolution as bosses consider selling meat-free Big Macs and Quarter pounders. McDonald’s boss Steve Easterbrook said he is considering bringing in a plant-based burger to help appeal to new customers at a time when its competitors are cashing in on the… Read More

The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (10/08/18)

  Are you drinking enough water? This week, there have been dehydration warnings that millions of Brits are not drinking enough water during the UK heatwave. Research conducted by British water company ACTIPH discovered that on 10% of adults are consuming the recommended 1.4 to 1.8 litres… Read More

The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (03/08/18)

Plastics being left in sun are creating greenhouse gases Although #PlasticFreeJuly is over, the plastic articles are still hot topic. A study has found that plastics being dumped in landfill are giving off greenhouses gases when left out in the sun. The research found that the biggest… Read More

The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (16/07/18)

Parents furious that sugar has been reduced in Coco Pops You would think that most parents would be happy that the Coco Pops recipe has been changed to reduce the sugar content in the cereal but it seems that parents are actually up in arms about it!… Read More

The Week That Was: Health and Well-being (12/07/18)

Carna-bee Street celebrates Bees Needs Week We kick started this week with a BUZZ! This week celebrated ‘Bees Needs Week’. Back for the third year running, the campaign focuses on spreading the word to help save our busy pollinators. After all they do help keep us watered and… Read More

The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (02/07/18)

Ikea launch Sustainable Wellness And Yoga Collection Increasing their limited edition collections, Ikea has announced the launch of their sustainable wellness and yoga collection termed the HJÄRTELIG collection. The range will include IKEA’s first ever yoga mat and blocks, as well as scented candles, bedding and plant… Read More

The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (29/06/18)

New social media app aims to do some good Wave goodbye to trolling, a new social media platform has launched with the aim of doing something good – helping people bond through shared experiences such as anxiety, motherhood and body image. Upload your journey and others can connect… Read More

The Week That Was: Heath and Wellbeing (22/06/18)

Cannes Lions recognises the fight against plastic The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity took place this week where the Design Grand Prix went to the Trash Isles campaign for successfully raising awareness around plastic pollution in our oceans. As we continue to fight against plastic (both… Read More

The Week That Was: Health & Wellbeing (15/06/2018)

Want to know what’s been making headlines this week in the world of Health and Wellbeing? Then read on below… Take a break with YouTube Next time you watch YouTube, chances are you won’t get sucked into the next cat video or make-up tutorial. The platform is… Read More

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