Using AI in the creative process – Zagg InvisibleShield

6th December 2022

Alfred partnered with mobile tech accessory giant ZAGG to promote its revolutionary InvisibleShield On Demand (ISOD) screen protection service in stores across Europe, utilising DOOH (Digital out-of-home) screen placements.

We spotted an exciting opportunity to bring innovative creative techniques to the project. It is the first time we’ve used AI image generation in order to create an attention grabbing, photorealistic asset that fit our wild imagination.


Protect Almost Anything

Our brief was to highlight that ZAGG screen protectors can be applied to almost ALL devices. We knew our audience would do anything to protect their pets, but aren’t giving their tech the same amount of love… introducing the star of our creative, Zaggy the chocolate labrador was born.
Zaggy reacted with shock to having a phone protector placed on him, to illustrate the point that ZAGG screen protectors can protect almost anything.


Utilising AI To Create The Perfect Pooch

We wanted to bring the asset to life in a photorealistic way, and stock imagery wouldn’t have cut it with the requirement to have multiple facial expressions of the dog. So without stock imagery nor photography, instead we used a brand new AI technology which is cutting edge in the creative industry. Using AI to generate highly realistic final imagery is a first for Alfred.

The benefits of bringing AI into the creative process meant we could really let our imagination flourish, allowing us to no longer be restricted to limitations of real photography. It also meant we were able to make fresh image assets that didn’t exist before, to create a truly unique creative campaign.

Our process was to then take this AI generated asset and then create variations of the dogs facial expressions and ear positions. We then used Photoshop and After Effects to composite and animate the transitions as the dog has the screen protector placed on it.

Stock imagery wouldn’t have cut it for our requirements, or been able to bring to life the vision we had for the creative so accurately. As such the AI process really allowed our imagination to run wilder than ever!

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