Alfred swings into action for The Legend of Tarzan campaign

3rd November 2016

We’ve caused a rumble in the media jungle with Warner Bros.’ latest home ents release, The Legend of Tarzan, swinging into action to celebrate the return of the King of the Jungle with a whole host of exciting coverage.

With the objective of reaching a younger guy audience, we’ve hunted down their latest media haunts for our epic jungle stand off. First up, we knew we had to work with huge online hub UNILAD in order to get in front of it’s unrivalled male audience. As it’s not easy to work with them editorially, we came up with a concept that would excite their gym-buff followers and and organised an exclusive video with Alexander’s personal trainer for the film, creating exercise demos for the UNILAD Fitness page.

Other male-skewed content includes a feature about the latest food fad, the Raw diet, with guys site Joe.co.uk. We picked up the trend and gave it a Tarzan twist, asking what would happen to your body if you lived off the jungle like Tarzan? Alexander’s training plan has also appeared on Ask Men, we challenge you to have a go if you think you’re ‘ard enough!

After hitting up the gym lovers for their ultimate Tarzan Torso and Jungle Diet plan, we needed to speak to the fellas who just have a love for the A-list cast. No one delivers a one liner quite like Samuel L. Jackson, so we worked with Comedy Central to explore his best movie moments. On top of all our great features we also secured a whole host of review and product coverage across national, consumer and entertainment titles, from The Daily to Kiss FM.

The Legend of Tarzan is not just one for action fans. David Yates’ adaptation brings a fresh take to a family classic, one we couldn’t let the kids miss out on. So we secured wild amounts of fun with the UK’s favourite kids press such a The Week Jr, Toxic, The Sun Fun, Mega, Primary Times, First News and KICK! Magazine. In the lead up to Christmas expect to see plenty of The Legend of Tarzan in Christmas Gift Guides, if not in your stocking on Xmas day!

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