Alfred Create A Stir With The Cereal Killers

8th December 2015

We recently started working with Northern Ireland’s most famous twins, the Keery Twins, owners of London’s Cereal Killer Café, to deliver an integrated PR and social strategy to launch their new YouTube channel.

Cereal Killers

First up, to unveil their channel to the world, Alan and Gary created a fun piece of spoof content showing the infamous attack on the shop during austerity protests in September, but from the perspective of staff members inside the Cereal Killer Café. Only instead of being ambushed by an angry hoard of members of the public, they were floored by some…er, puppies. You can watch the hilarious clip below!

The twins also got up to something truly gruesome just in time for Halloween; bringing back some cereal from the dead, aka 20 year old, welllll past the sell-by-date, cereal! They filmed themselves sampling these ancient, dusty breakfasts, with some truly horrifying results. We placed the video on Mail Online including a click through to the YouTube video. Don’t try this one at home…

And just this week, we’ve been working with the twins following an interview they gave to Attitude magazine, with content syndicated to publications in their native Northern Ireland including The Belfast Telegraph and The Irish News.

To get your fix of other cereal related content in the coming months, click here and subscribe to the Keery Twins YouTube channel now!