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505 Games – Death Stranding


Much-hyped action-adventure game (and definitely not a walking simulator) Death Stranding received mixed reviews during its initial console release. We were tasked with promoting the PC launch of the game, published by 505 Games, to generate positive reviews from a new audience.


Our approach focused on selling the features of the games that would most appeal to the hardcore PV audience, specifically the impressive specs, great care taken in the porting process and leverage of the game’s director.

We negotiated an exclusive editorial programme with PC Gamer to reveal the specs and publish the only western interview with legendary founder of Kojima Productions and Death Stranding director, Hideo Kojima. We also collaborated with influential game analysis provider Digital Foundry to create an extensive port review and interview with technical director Akio Sakamoto.  

Later, when promoting the Director’s Cut launch in 2022, we ran a targeted campaign to re-engage interest, securing an exclusive six-page feature in Edge magazine with Death Stranding artist Yoji Shinkawa and a UK ticket giveaway for Chvrches, whose music features extensively in the game, within leading music publication NME.


Death Stranding’s initial mixed impressions were reversed on PC, securing an 86% Metacritic review average and several 100% UK reviews. The PC port was hailed as the true homecoming for Death Stranding and was well received by the community with over 17,614 positive reviews on Steam shortly after launch. 

The Director’s Cut saw similar praise, achieving an 85% Metacritic score and wide praise from the likes of Rock Paper Shotgun and Digital Foundry. Digital Foundry’s video coverage achieved over 570k combined views.


Death Stranding was a UK top seller on the platform for nearly a full week after launch, despite strong competition. The Directors Cut saw similar success upon release, remaining in the global top sellers chart for two weeks following launch.

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