The Week That Was: Social – 31/05/19

31st May 2019

Instagram to beat Snap’s Time Spent

For years, despite slowing user growth Snap has beaten its main rival Instagram in terms of the time users spend using the app each day, but a recent report suggests this time is expected to remain flat and be surpassed by Instagram within two years. However Snap does say engagement on their platform is increasing.

Twitter will let guests join live video broadcasts

Influencers or brands streaming live events or Q&As can now let up to three other users drop in on their live stream to ask questions, or co-host.

YouTube’s trending section is led by brands rather than influencers

YouTube is famous for its home-grown stars who bring millions of subscribers to its platform, but they need to get millions more video views to appear on the sites Trending panel compared to late-night TV shows, something which creators suggest is unfair given that their content keeps the platform relevant.

Instagram is rolling out an ‘Order’ sticker

After announcing that brands will be able to sell products to customers directly on its platform earlier this year, a new ‘order’ sticker has been spotted by some users, implying viewers will be able to tap on a story to quickly and easily purchase products showcased by brands or influencers.

Instagram is supporting landscape video on IGTV

Following customer feedback, Instagram is giving up its ‘vertical-only’ ethos, allowing users to upload horizontal videos to IGTV.

“We realise this is an evolution from where IGTV started — we believe it’s the right change for viewers and creators,” the company says in a blog post (https://instagram-press.com/blog/2019/05/23/igtv-now-supports-landscape-videos/).

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