The Week That Was: FMCG & Retail (19/07/18)

19th July 2018


Read on for the latest news making waves in the world of retail this week:

Record sales on Amazon Prime Day

Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday – this week’s Prime Day was the biggest sales day in Amazon’s history. Over 100m products were purchased in the 1.5 days, and there were big returns for SMEs, generating strong income.

The Saturday supermarket shop is set to get calmer

Another week, another Morrisons story – this supermarket knows how to make people sit up and listen! Following a trial, it is rolling out a ‘Quieter Hour’ (Saturday, 9am – 10am) in all stores to give customers the option of a calmer shopping experience. Not all shoppers welcome the bright lights and clashing trollies that supermarkets are known for, and this initiative has the backing of the National Autistic Society.

Heatwave sparking surprise sales

It’s not just sales of BBQs and sun cream that are on the rise as a result of the heatwave – anti-chafing products are also on the up, with one band selling every minute. With the UK adjusting to its proper summer in years, what other surprise items will make a profit?

Hard or soft – we mean Brexit and cheese!

Whichever Brexit deal we go with, it could mean that the cost of cheese goes up, given the UK’s dependence on EU dairy products. Is cheese set to become a luxury item?


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