Alfred Ten Talks: celebrating uniqueness

12th October 2023

We all love brand comms at Alfred. But we love a whole lot of other stuff too. 


So we started a monthly lunchtime session called ‘Ten Talks’, where two members of our team give a talk about something that interests them. The brief is simple: ANYTHING you’d like to talk about. It could be a niche topic that you’re super passionate about, something that intrigues you, or the most random thing you can think of.


From flag design, London’s buildings, Fulham FC, Nigella Lawson, salad, the weather, predicting the future, volunteering as a Police Special Constable and music festivals, to more personal journeys like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and mental health, we’ve learned a whole lot of stuff about the unique and wonderful people that make up our team.


Here is Alfred’s Debbie Lloyd being interviewed recently on RTL Radio about her big passion, the music of video games: https://play.rtl.lu/shows/en/the-hangover/episodes/r/2116805 


Whoever you are and whatever your interests, come and talk to us if you’re looking for your next role in comms – [email protected]

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