26th February 2015

In recent months we’ve been working on a range of projects from some of the most exciting new tech companies around, including a number of top mobile gaming studios. Just this year, we’ve already been involved in the launch of the hotly anticipated mobile game, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect and Hutch’s massive overhaul of their flagship title, MMX Racing.


Hinted in the lead up to release by the TV show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect is an episodic game that tells a story parallel to the show’s final series but set in Lincoln, Oregon. In the game you take the role of SAMLIN’s new prospect, and you decide the course of the story as you go along.

While for Sons of Anarchy we focused our efforts on a consumer-facing, mainstream entertainment media campaign that saw us securing key breaks with the likes of Digital SpyEmpire and the Sunday Sport, as well as generating content for their social media channels, with Hutch the brief required a trade approach so we could tell the story of Hutch as a company.

Formed four years ago by five ex-Sony/PlayStation developers and producers, Hutch took only 6 months to bring their first title from inception to release. Four games and 50 million players later, we helped Hutch tell their story by placing company profile and news pieces on top trade publications including Games IndustryPocket Gamer Biz and Develop, showcasing the studio’s unique attributes and innovative ethos and workplace culture. MMX Racing, with its Multiplayer update, served of course to further cement their growing reputation as one of the UK’s top young studios.

Now, whether trade or consumer facing, a mobile gaming campaign also brings in many challenges. Not least the sheer amount of new games released to the App Store and Google Play on a daily basis. Gaming and tech writers do of course get bombarded with press releases, and knowing how to showcase a unique proposition to soar above a very dense release landscape is absolutely key in getting your title talked about. When your game isn’t tied to a major franchise or doesn’t come from one of the major, long established studios, securing this can prove even more difficult. And that is where publicists need to really take a deep look at the product they’re pushing, and look at the elements (or the story behind it) that make it stand out from everything else that’s already out there. Here at Alfred, we know that expertise and a deep knowledge of the mobile gaming industry is also instrumental in this.

With an industry that moves at an incredibly fast-paced, keeping up with all new developments has become an integral part of our work with mobile gaming studios. Having said that, the thrill of constantly being kept on your toes by the work you do certainly pays-off, and we can’t wait to welcome new challenges.

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