Alfred Escapes into the world of VR and Gaming!

21st June 2016

The past week has been an exciting one for Alfred and our client Escape Studios, with the launch of two events within 6 days, both of which have taken the team into some new and immersive virtual worlds.

Last Wednesday we launched their first ever industry insights event, Escape Labs, partnering with VR specialist Luminous, we invited Escape’s industry partners including top London VFX and gaming studios, upcoming talent, alumni and selected media to come together and discuss and debate one of the big tech topics of the moment VR. It was amazing to see the revolutionary VR work coming out of Luminous, and to trial the different technology from the HTC Vive to Occulus Rift – and the canapés weren’t bad either!


After wrapping up the Escape Labs event, we dived head first into Escape Studio’s first ever Game Jam. Friday night we introduced 20 enthusiastic Jammers to the theme of “Trapped” and gave them 48 hours to bring their ideas to life. Based in the offices of our games partner, Playhubs, we spent our weekend at Somerset House supporting our jammers create their own potentially award winning game. Judged by Escape Studios Head of Games Simon Fenton, Stephen Holmes from 3DArtist who were our media partner and Joe Nash from game developer Improbable. The winning team came up with an interesting take of the theme trapped, with their concept MindHole, which was a creative maze game with unbelievably stunning graphics.

It was fantastic weekend, and from the games we reviewed its safe to say this isn’t the last we will see of our jammers!

EscapeStudios_GamesJam_Highlights_PhotoMatthewPull_2 EscapeStudios_GamesJam_Highlights_PhotoMatthewPull_10 EscapeStudios_GamesJam_Photo_Matthew-Pull_12 EscapeStudios_GamesJam_Photo_Matthew-Pull_31 EscapeStudios_GamesJam_Photo_Matthew-Pull_57

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