#Sharknado hits Alfred

21st July 2015

This week has been a very unusual one for Team Alfred, as we’ve been busy working with Syfy on the launch of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! which premieres on the channel this Thursday at 10pm.

To launch the film we took on the Jepic task of creating our very own Sharknado in London, with the help of two famous hair-raising twins and stars of the film, JEDWARD!

To make this happen, we’ve been working with specialist prop designers and marine experts to create a completely bespoke structure, featuring fibreglass and inflatable sharks, replicating an actual ‘Sharknado’ (without all the VFX), which travelled at high speed along the Thames. Jedward were seen speeding up and down the river throughout rush hour, with Tower Bridge even opening to let the aptly named ‘#Jednado’ through.


On Monday the whole team were up bright and early to set Jedward off on their journey down the Thames. Where bewildered Londoners witnessed them making waves being chased across the murky waters by our swarm of menacing sharks. Even the iconic Tower Bridge, was forced to raise its balustrades to allow the savage swarm to pass through. Following their speedy journey down the Thames, Jedward then took part in a series of challenges all whilst surviving their #Jednado, which were voted for by fans across Twitter and Facebook.


We are very happy to report that the effects of the Sharknado were HUGE, with the stunt trending on Twitter across the globe, with the #Jednado, reaching #5 in the UK!

Across the media we secured two JEPIC national print pieces including a half page in the Daily Star and a DPS centre-fold in The Sun. We then secured additional online coverage across, Sun+, London Evening Standard, Guardian Online, Heatworld, Reveal online and Yahoo!

The video content we created to document Jedward’s journey down the Thames also went live across AOL, Huffington Post, Yahoo, Talk Talk and that wasn’t the last of it, broadcast coverage has appeared to date on London Live, with more to come including a very sharky interview BBC Radio 1, Kiss FM, Bauer and MTV!


If you’d like to experience the Sharknado yourself you can watch the video here and you can catch the real thing on Syfy, this Thursday at 10pm!

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