The 90s definitely did it better…

23rd June 2016

We’ve gone back in time again this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of cult classic Independence Day, and the release of Independence Day: Resurgence today, with a host of 90s memorabilia winging its way to key media around London.

Our special delivery from 1996 was jam packed with beanie babies, slinkies, yoyos, an actual(!!) tamagotchi, space raiders (who can forget those pickled onion aliens!), retro sweets, and a GAMEBOY preloaded with Mario (obvs).

Not surprisingly it was a huge hit for our key media, with everyone from Heatworld and Yahoo, to Metro and Shortlist, declaring their undying love for #IndependenceDay!

Bring back the 90s we say…or at least its cool gadgets, and a time when we just enjoyed Space Raiders and Nerds, before we knew what was actually in them (crying face emoji)

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