The Week That Was: Health and Wellbeing (07/12/18)

7th December 2018


Getting Too Much Sleep Could Be Bad For Your Health

Can’t get out of bed? Well, a new study has found that sleeping longer that the recommended six to eight hours per night can actually have negative health outcomes! Motivation for us to get up in the morning and seize the day

Why Snacking Could Be Damaging Your Health

Let’s face it, we all love a snack. However, according to new research, many of us are snacking throughout the day instead of eating at defined times which means we spend up to 16 hours a day in a ‘fed’ state. During the post-fed state our bodies become metabolically active which triggers our immune system to produce an inflammatory response. So hold off on those snacks and wait for a proper meal.

Are Eggs Healthy? Here’s What The Experts Say

How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well, thankfully, nutrition experts agree that the protein and vitamins in eggs make them a healthy option. However one of the biggest points of confusion is whether egg yolks are good or bad for you, with one large egg containing 186 mg cholesterol. Everything in moderation, we say.

Yoga v Pilates: both are popular, but which would work best for you?

It’s a debate of modern times – Yoga or Pilates? Teachers of both Yoga and Pilates say they are routinely asked to explain the difference between them. The simple answer is that Yoga is used to encourage connection between the body with the mind, while Pilates uses mindfulness to connect the inner workings of the body to assist with rehabilitation. In summary, both are great – and it’s for you to decide what you’re looking to achieve (or prefer).

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