Helldivers 2 – Deploying a community

Helldivers 2 is both a marvel and total anomaly; a AA smash hit, outpacing sales and engagement seen in AAA titles, and a live service model that has even sceptics thrilled. It has shattered expectations on all fronts; from sales through to its refreshing approach to a community…

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HOW CAN BRANDS EARN ATTENTION IN THE GAMES INDUSTRY? In a world where algorithms evolve overnight and trends shift like the wind, staying ahead means embracing adaptability and innovation. Our approach to PR and communications isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about leading the way. Alfred Account Director Niall De’Ath…

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The Mobile World Congress series, which focuses on connectivity, mobile, and networks, has come to an end after another exciting year. This year witnessed many new innovations, led by a wave of AI, 5G, and various other cutting-edge technologies. Here are a few that caught our attention!  …

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We continue to create work we are proud of that drives actions and reactions from the people we are looking to reach - whether that’s driving change in a specific industry or sparking joy on social media. Here is a roundup of some of our recent work across earned, owned and paid - making an impact for the brands and businesses we work with.

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2023 and our tenth year

As we close the page on 2023 and our tenth year in business, we wanted to mark the milestone with a few highlights from our journey, share how we’ve evolved as a business, and our progress on key areas in 2023. We started in 2013, with…

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Alfred Ten Talks: celebrating uniqueness

We all love brand comms at Alfred. But we love a whole lot of other stuff too.    So we started a monthly lunchtime session called ‘Ten Talks’, where two members of our team give a talk about something that interests them. The brief is simple:…

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Diversity and Inclusion 2023 Update

In 2022 we made a number of commitments around improving our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as a business.   We shared our first progress update last year, and said we’d continue to be transparent about our journey, both internally with our…

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Lego’s brick wall: a lesson in corporate reputation

Last week, the world’s largest toy maker had to disappoint stakeholders, legions of fans and the climate community when it abandoned a major sustainability target. But Lego’s honesty in the face of a huge setback is a lesson in corporate reputation management.   So what was the…

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A love letter to the video game music movement

We all know somebody obsessed with a particular film soundtrack, but what about video game soundtracks? Our resident video game music fanatic, Debbie Lloyd, shares her thoughts on how it has evolved over the years, why we should all be listening to more of it, and the positive impact…

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Alfred’s (unofficial) Food & Drink 2023 Awards

Throughout the year, part of the job we love the most is keeping up with the latest food & drink trends. From willing volunteers at the latest restaurant openings, to mixing up drinks at home, to scrolling through TikTok for “research”, to swapping news stories in the office;…

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D&I Alfred Update

At the start of this year, we made a number of commitments to accelerate meaningful improvement around diversity and inclusion within our business. Frankly, we know we haven’t been doing enough, and we are committed to making real progress by taking the right action to make a difference. We need…

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Alfred’s Most Anticipated Games of 2022

As 2021 drew to a close, it was evident that almost two years of the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the games industry. From ever present PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console shortages worldwide, to a shift to a more hybrid working format for many studios, 2021 was certainly a…

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