Alfred Looks to a Tasty Future: What We’ll be Eating & Drinking in 2024

14th December 2023

December marks many a joyous moment in the calendar. Whether it’s putting up the Christmas tree, seeing old friends or simply indulging in some festive fun. At Alfred, it’s also one of the tastiest times of the year when the delicious food and drink reports land looking into the crystal ball (or plate) of what we’ll be eating and drinking in 2024. Here’s a round-up of our favourite predicted trends so far: 

The Ingredient: Plant-based seafood

Tipped by Whole Foods, we’re excited to see plant-based seafood take its moment in the sustainability spotlight, following in the footsteps of the plant-based milk revolution and meat alternatives. At Alfred, we’re big fans of plant-based, and the developments happening in the plant-based seafood space are intriguing to say the least! From trumpet mushrooms for scallops to konjac in sushi rolls, we’re ready for the ride. Word on the street is Asda will be selling “Shrimpiee” in time for Veganuary too… 

The Drinks: Cross-category cocktails

We love a bit of experimentation, and this trend is being led largely by wine cocktails. Typically not an ingredient usually reached for on the backshelf by bartenders, we’re now increasingly seeing wine being used as a mixer in cocktails. And no, we don’t mean a Champagne cocktail or Aperol Spritz, this is about using high-end quality still wine – think a Rose & Tonic, or even a Mulled Rose? Read more here. 

The Interiors: Cafe core at-home

The rise of the bar trolley was praised all around the world, and met with throwback interiors and impressive spirits collections at home. But it’s time to wheel aside – for 2024, we’re getting into coffee station decor at home. Coffee bar styling searches are up on Pinterest by +1,125% and the possibilities are endless for bringing a bit of cafe culture home to your living room. Find out all about the trend at Pinterest.   

The Serious One: Ultra-processed food

This is a bit of a tricky one. On one side of the ring, we have the plant-based brands who are demonstrating time and time again that we need more sustainable food options to help the planet (and that’s just been solidified by the UN’s groundbreaking report and backing at COP28). On the other side, there are nervous consumers who shudder at a long list of unknown ingredients going into their “processed” plant-food. But what’s in a name? And how much of our food is truly unprocessed, plant-based or not? This chat is only set to heat-up in 2024… 

The Health-Focus: Menopause menus 

If you haven’t heard any conversations about women’s health or the menopause, where have you been this year? Highlighted in Waitrose’s Food & Drink Report 2023-24, sales of women’s wellbeing teas are up 46%, led by Twinings specific Menopause Tea. Searches for “healthy menopause diet” were also up nearly a quarter, and brands such as Phasey have launched Period Chocolate. Expect this to continue long into 2024 and beyond as women’s wellness starts getting the support it’s much needed. 

The Tech-Time: AI (of course)

The advancements in AI have been pretty staggering this year, and food & drink hasn’t escaped its all-encompassing influence. From using ChatGBT for recipe inspiration, to seeing if it can beat a top bartender, there’s plenty of fun to be had. And consumers are loving it. According to Bacardi’s Cocktail Trends Report 2024, 8/10 younger respondents in US, Germany, Singapore, Spain and South Africa are exploring AI recommendations for drinks in 2024. BarGBT enters the chat… 

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