Alfred’s 6th Birthday Celebrations ‘au Paris’

27th September 2019


Having just finished my first week at Alfred London, I was asked to join the team on their annual away day. This year marked the 6th year since the business was established and this year it was a trip on the Eurostar to Paris!

As a new employee, it was great to be included for the overnight trip, and get to know people better. It turns out I got to know people’s characters pretty quickly, especially over Paris’s finest red wine and steaks!


We were under strict instructions to be at the Eurostar in St Pancras International at 7am, some however, were not as speedy in their timekeeping but we all made it in one piece.

On the journey to Paris, we popped open some prosecco for breakfast served with croissants for a real French treat. Some of the more sensible team members had their prosecco glasses topped with orange juice to make mimosas.

When we arrived in Paris and had dropped our bags at the hotel and headed for brunch in a small café beside the hotel. I found that this was a great opportunity to all sit in a group and really gage everyone’s personalities. I noticed in the small amount of time since being at Alfred that the team are very close and spend a lot of time together whether it be lunches or cultural trips, there is always a buzz.

After lunch, we visited Notre Dame and wondered the streets of Paris, taking in all of the architecture and scenery along the River Seine. This led us nicely into the evening where we transformed and headed down to Brasserie Barbès. This place was amazing, it had three floors that included a café on the ground, restaurant in on the first floor and a bar on the top. The team all ordered steak, which was served on the biggest pile of chips, drank red wine by the jug and ended the night by dancing to French anthems on the top floor.



We were all feeling rather delicate from the night before so took the morning to have a leisurely breakfast. Around midday, we all met up and went for a walk up to Sacre Coeur, taking in the sights and shops along the way. The Sacre Coeur offered amazing views of the city, as well as some group selfie opportunities.

On the way back to the Eurostar was a time of reflection for everyone. It was a great experience and a chance for us all to bond as a team. At Alfred, we pride ourselves on culture and believe it is essential for a happy and productive workplace. I’m glad I joined Alfred and I am excited to make my impact in the company!

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