Alfred Loves…Award Season

22nd January 2016

It’s that time of year again, no not dry January, but Awards season. The time when some of the best films of the year are released and it’s a rush to the cinema to make sure you have seen them all, before the awards are dealt and everyone’s asking the same old question…when is Leo going to win that Oscar?!

Here at Alfred, the team have been making frequent trips to the cinema over the past few weeks, to view the best of this year’s award contenders. We’ve provided mini reviews below of our best 5 to date, all in 140 characters of course.

Lauren Reviews…#Joy
Who better to play Joy than J.Law, an amazing performance making me laugh, cry and want to rock 80’s shoulder pads


Hannah Reviews…#TheRevenant
Visually stunning, yet eerie & dark. Leo grunts & groans to perfection, but sadly not backing him for the Oscar, others are more deserved


Caroline Reviews…#TheDanishGirl
Eddie Redmayne dazzles in yet another breath-taking performance, tackling a worthy topic with sensitivity, but Miss Vikander steals the show!

Danish girl

Dan Reviews…#TheMartian
#TheMartian is the classic shipwrecked tale set in the (not too) distant future. Science mixed with comedy gold. Visually stunning!


Holly Reviews…#Mad Max:Fury Road
High-action set in an apocalyptic wasteland, Furiosa has to be one of my favourite female characters created for the screen in recent years

Mad Max

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