The Alfred Culture Awards 2023

1st September 2023

This year, we celebrated 10 years of Alfred. 

The agency wouldn’t be what it is today without the team behind it. It’s important to us to recognise and celebrate the team’s contributions to the agency, and the positive impact they make to their colleagues and clients. 

We know that a strong culture breeds exceptional work. 

We created the Alfred Culture Awards in 2022 to champion the team members who have made a significant contribution to Alfred. Growing from five categories in 2022 to eight in 2023 (including a bonus category on the night!), and all voted for by their peers.

The categories encompass team members who promote mental health and well-being, those who constantly seek out insights and trends and go above and beyond for our clients, to those who provide strong mentorship and champion everyone to be themselves. We also celebrate a rising star of the agency and the person who lives and breathes our values on a daily basis.

Check out all our team winners below!

Alfredian of the Year – Debbie Lloyd, Account Director

Constantly contributing to and championing our company culture, living and breathing our values. They care greatly for those around them, and deliver exceptional results. 


Rising Star – Jack Alexander, Account Executive 

A true up and coming talent, making a positive impact and constantly showing off their potential for growth. 


Leave Your Mark – Ellie McLeod, Senior Account Manager 

Passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world. They drive forward excellence in everything they do, delivering work they and the team are truly proud of. They challenge the norm, go above and beyond, and have a passion and ambition for everything they do. 


Every Voice Matters – Erin Quinn, HR & Talent Manager

Always encouraging the team to be themselves and share their opinions. They contribute to a mentally healthy workplace for the team, championing work/life balance.They are inclusive, real and respectful. 


Content / Coverage of the Year – Sainsbury’s Tu team

The team that has created the best piece of content or coverage for our clients this year, delivering on key campaign objectives with a positive impact that showcases creativity and insights. 


Creative Thinking, Insights & Discovery – Liam Gathercole, Design Director

Always has their finger on the pulse, constantly seeking out trends and insights. They are great at building relationships with journalists, influencers, or partners in the new worlds of AI, and social platforms. 


Inspirational Team Role Model & Coach – Greg Collins, Senior Account Director

A strong team mentor, motivating and guiding the team to success. They’re inspiring, a great day to day manager, and are always available to offer advice and coaching. 


Recognition Champion – Caroline Shine, Associate Director

Someone who publicly champions the team on a daily basis, recognising their peers for going above and beyond.

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