Alfred’s Hot Spots

1st December 2016

With Christmas fast approaching, what better time to share our latest experiences, recommendations and inspiration, than when we’re heading into the business networking and socialising time of year.

Alfred Networking
If you are heading to Kings Cross to meet the Guardian we recommend Coba a Vietnamese BBQ restaurant, not only are the noodles outstanding (we don’t use that word lightly) but the amazing decor and brilliant service is sure to impress any (working) lunch date.


Alfred Inspiration
This month, one Alfredian attended a screening of sci-fi classic, Aliens, at the Royal Albert Hall. The film was showcased on a giant screen, hanging over the full Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra which played the entire score live, a truly immersive experience. The night ended with a surprise appearance from legendary director James Cameron and screen icon Sigourney Weaver. It was safe to say the atmosphere was electrifying and this huge added value experience meant that the 5000 strong audience members were guaranteed to spread the story via word of mouth and social media. A fan event in its finest, this gave us real inspiration for bringing back immersive screenings, and if you’re ever looking for insight into the world of die hard sci-fi fans, head to one of the Albert Hall’s upcoming screenings, all in the name of ‘research’.


Alfred Adventures
Not so long ago Alfred took a trip to Flight Club located by Moorgate station. This bar has completely changed the face of a classic pub game – darts. Using interactive boards and with multiple different games to try, what was once a game reserved for competitive locals is now a great way of getting teams together to ignite some friendly rivalry over a cocktail or two. This makes us wonder which other retro games could be brought back to a new audience? Monopoly pop-up anyone?

Happy Birthday

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