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A laser-focused influencer programme – LYMA Laser


The LYMA Laser is a breakthrough product and one of the world’s most powerful at-home beauty devices. However, it must be used daily and comes at a high price point. Plus, the beauty market is quite saturated, and people know what works for them and their skin. How do we encourage busy women in their 50s to incorporate this into their daily skin routine?


Utilising the team’s strong beauty experience and tapping into the existing GRWM trend (Get ready with me) on TikTok and Instagram, we partnered with UK and US-based content creators who, whilst promoting products, also shared open and honest personal stories about their skin concerns or skin ageing journey. We curated a small but mighty group of dedicated mature influencers who shared their perspectives in a glamorous yet accessible way and continued to break the expectations of ageing on social media.  

As the LYMA Laser takes time and daily dedication to see results, our content displayed how this compact product can be incorporated seamlessly into daily routines, demonstrating its impact and results. Therefore, we worked with each creator on a six-month partnership, showcasing their skin before and after results. 

To maximise the content, we utilised it to create ads for LYMA’s social channels and amplified influencers’ content with paid spend to ensure it reached a bigger audience.


• 7% average engagement rate, which was above average for sponsored content for each creator.

• Positive sentiment across all of the content, with followers wanting to purchase and desperately waiting to see the results.

• 441k organic video views across three creators.

• Strong sales and leads were generated through paid content.


Through the research of influencers, we connected with our target audiences in terms of age and demographics, and the content deeply resonated and drove strong engagement and sales.

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