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HTC – Reaching a new audience


HTC is one of the world’s leading VR developers, but are primarily known for their consumer grade headsets. 

But their solutions for businesses are a vital part of their offering, this technology has the opportunity to make real change when it comes to training in a variety of sectors, such as surgery, firefighting response and public speaking. 

HTC tasked us with boosting awareness of their business focused solutions to engage with businesses across the healthcare, engineering and architecture, manufacturing sectors.


We identified key business solutions that would drive interest with core business verticals to tell the story around the tech.

Working with our partners to demonstrate success across a range of sectors, we shared exciting narratives and interview opportunities with key partners to showcase the benefits of integrating HTC’s solutions into a business. Content such as Flaim firefighter training at Newcastle Airport, ARuVR’s use of the Vive Focus 3 in surgical training and more, were used to highlight HTCs investment on improved XR and VR solutions.

When hardware and software was available, we created UK review programmes to show the virtues of HTC’s latest corporate offering, further cementing the company’s value to prospective partners.



Through our targeted B2B campaign, we have secured key coverage with outlets such as TechradarPro, ZDnet, RIBA Journal, Healthcare Digital and many more. Thought leadership, reviews and news were all secured for HTC’s wide range of partnerships and products.


Through regular pitching, event management and more, we have helped HTC secure a spot as a trusted voice in UK B2B VR. PR results have been used to help secure new business and engage with partners across the world. This work is continuing from now into 2024. 

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