Making Movements: #002 New World Trends 

12th October 2020

While we are currently still in a global crisis, that shows signs of resurgence with increasing likelihood of further social restrictions (again), we have reflected on the changes in consumer behaviour over the past six months. These trends illustrate a shift in how people think, behave, and prioritise, and ultimately what they demand from brands.  

We’ll explore what this means for brands as we head towards the end of 2020, into whatever the new era of 2021 will hold.

windmills on grass field at daytime

Sustainability Rising

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of their personal impact on the planet. From a dramatic decrease in air travel and movement around the world, we saw an initial decrease in emissions, Venice canal turned crystal clear, and smog in mega-cities dissipated. This highlights our impact on the planet, and the need for us to take a hard look at our contribution, and what we can change, so the future is brighter (and clearer). Brands will need to prove and backup their sustainability credentials more than ever, as we demand more action, and less talk.


woman walking on pathway during daytime

Better Living

Through the current crisis, we are all becoming more aware of personal health, and the decisions that we take regarding our physical and mental wellbeing. Many debates and conversations around the impact of isolation, and the stress caused by this global pandemic. Brands have a role in supporting their communities to address these issues, and ensure they can live life better, in future. 


red and brown book

Fact vs Fiction

People are looking, more than ever, for facts from experts. While experts have been dismissed during recent political storms, there is a growing realisation that not everything on social media is true. This has led to some platforms highlighting real, and fake information, to try and ensure that the whispers around the web, don’t harm those that see this so called advice.


people gather holding banners protesting near building

Purpose + Activism

Consumers are seeking brands that stand for more than their product or profit, and contribute to the world and society positively. We have seen this starkly in the rapid rise of the BLM movement, and that many brands were penalised by consumers for not speaking up. We also saw examples of where brands actively engaged in conversation on social, and made their stance clear to customers that don’t share the same values.


gray fabric loveseat near brown wooden table

Home Really is Our Castle

More time than ever being spent in our homes, as WFH becomes the norm and transitions to the previous “normal” look long-term. Second waves, recessions – the outlook creates a sense that we want our happy place, to be the best sanctuary possible. More effort, time and money is being spent in and on our homes, to make this place what we’ve often dreamed of.


people laughing and talking outside during daytime

Resurgence of Community + Local

Connecting with neighbours (socially distanced), to whatsapp groups and Nextdoor app – a greater interest in the world closest to us. Along with supporting local businesses that have been hit the hardest during the lockdown, and following downturn. The local cafes, restaurants and pubs that we love are disappearing, and communities need to support local, to ensure it has a future.


person submerged on body of water holding sparkler

Inspiration + Joy

Recent months have made people more creative, and looking for inspiration and excitement in the everyday more than ever. We are crafting more, and becoming more creative in our sanctuary, as there have been limited spaces for us to explore.


black and silver laptop computer on brown wooden table

Connections Rekindled 

While many have been in isolation or lockdown, the natural need to connect with others has seen a splash of innovation. From Zoom parties, to quizzes, that have all enabled us to rekindle old connections, provides an interesting situation where we may be more connected than ever before, post crisis. Can brands help us celebrate and embrace these revitalised connections?


woman sitting beside table using laptop

Blurred lines

There is a blurring between work life, and home life, as the requirement to world from home becomes the norm once again. There is a need to switch off, and separate the lives we live, ensuring mental wellbeing and reducing the stress created by the always-on feeling that is increasing. Previously, while the commute was often littered with frustration and delays, it did give us all the ability to wind up, and wind down after a day at work. Now for many, the commute has been crushed to seconds, rather than hours, there is a role brands (as well as employers) can take to help us all better delineate our lives and ensure balance.


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