Alfred Loves… Gamescom

18th September 2019

Credibility is paramount when working with any client. They want to know that we understand what we are talking about, and that we love talking about it, too. Campaigns die without authenticity, so we always ensure we are fully immersed in what we are doing.


That message is no more prevalent than with games, as our clients represent a dedicated and die-hard fanbase who can spot an outsider from a mile off. And that is why our games team is representative of that audience; gamers who consume the market’s products and are invested in its growth and cultural importance. We love the campaigns we work on, and we truly believe that’s why we continue to see success.


So, when the opportunity arose to travel to Gamescom – we jumped at the chance.


Europe’s leading games event, Gamescom exists as a hub for gamers and games business, with dedicated areas for the biggest products and companies from across the world. For Alfred, Gamescom was a chance to work closely with existing clients on some huge projects – as well as an opportunity to get immersed in the fast-paced world of the games industry.

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