22nd February 2024


Last year, Alfred implemented a new employee benefit: a 4-week paid sabbatical. The sabbatical rewards long-serving employees – those who have dedicated more than 3 years to the company – and is in addition to someone’s regular holiday allowance. 

It’s pretty great if you ask us, but don’t just take our word for it. 

Recently, our Design Director, Liam, seized the opportunity. Here’s how he spent his sabbatical down under:

I embarked on a journey that began in Brisbane, Australia, where I visited family members who had emigrated and whom I hadn’t seen in years. From there, I travelled along the picturesque Pacific Highway, making stops in Gold Coast, Byron Bay, and Newcastle, before concluding my adventure in Sydney. The trip held special significance for me, as I also celebrated my father’s 60th birthday with family gathered together overseas. We used this opportunity to visit different parts of Australia we had never been to, as we had long enough to do it over many weeks.

Some of my highlights include seeing beautiful natural environments and wildlife including Wallaroo’s, Koala’s, Kookaburras.

The benefits of sabbaticals extend beyond mere time away from work. They allow employees to recharge, tap into their creativity, and find renewed motivation. Whether pursuing personal passions and learning new skills, hobbies, or exploring different cultures. Sabbaticals offer a chance for growth and well-being. 

At Alfred, we recognize that fostering employee happiness and satisfaction ultimately contributes to our collective success and we look forward to sharing more of our team sabbatical stories later this year.


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