Hello to Maleficent In London

15th May 2014

Earlier this month we organised the hotly anticipated press junket of the year for Disney’s, Maleficent. Taking place at the stunning Corinthia Hotel in Embankment and, alongside Disney with their European print and broadcast junket, we had the pleasure of welcoming Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning and Sam Riley to London.


Fabulous Maleficent herself, Angelina, chatted to the likes of This Morning, Mail Online, MSN UK and Guardian.co.uk, whilst 16-year-old fashionista, Elle Fanning, was interviewed by everyone from Company to Wonderland. We also ran #AskEF, an extra special exclusive twitter Q&A with @ASOS and the lovely Elle, drumming up an estimated reach of 22.6 million! Lovely Sam Riley spoke to influential blogs like Bleeding Cool, HeyUGuys and This is Fake DIY, as well as key sites like GQ, MSN UK, Guardian and Wonderland.

An exhausting, yet rewarding day, the Alfred team spent their time running around the hotel ensuring the schedule was running to plan, looking after journalists and of course eating copious amounts of jelly sweets…

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