Flexible Working In Practice

12th September 2014

This week the CIPR revealed a new report looking at flexible working hours in the PR Industry, the crux of it being it’s an absolute must do. After a hearty debate in the office, here’s our tuppence worth…


It’s in many ways ironic that flexible working is still sold in a benefit package V just being the norm. We work in an ‘always on’ and very demanding industry, one which expects all PRs to have one eye on the news, social channels, client emails etc., almost 24/7. Even though we don’t necessarily demand it, it’s the nature of the job and a pattern we all so easily fall into. But it’s a job we all love and we wouldn’t have it any other way…as long as we can still enjoy our life outside the office!

So, why is there a whole industry report on flexi-time, encouraging the PR world to fall in and embrace it? We know first hand that the idea is still archaic to some, as we have somewhat benefitted from many leading agencies being too far behind the times, and loosing top talent because of an inflexibility to support their staff. Be it with extended summer holidays, being a new mummy, or in a band that tour throughout the year. Our team is a hardworking, dynamic and highly experienced one, but we’re also made up of real people – young mums and dads, gym bunnies, party animals and a musician – yet we 100% embrace them all and provide the flexibility for them to continue a career, alongside everything else.


Flexible working is part of our DNA and resonates through all levels of the business. It’s essentially based on respect and trust in each other as a team. We step in when needed to cover each other, whether it’s the chance of a last minute few days in the sun, a sick baby, a wedding to plan, or even an epic post festival hangover, we all put the hours in to deliver great work for our clients, regardless of whether it’s between 9am and 5pm. So hurrah to flexi-time we say and fellow PR professionals, get with the times and get out of the office!

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