27th February 2015

This month saw YouTube turn 10 years old; it now seems almost impossible to remember a time before videos went viral and our inboxes and social media feeds were filled with the latest ‘MUST WATCH’. So, to honour its special birthday, we’ve taken a look back over some key YouTube milestones, and picked out some of our best bits.


In the past 10 years YouTube has amassed over a staggering ONE BILLION users and over a TRILLION views. It’s not just a content house or a platform, it’s become a social phenomenon changing the way that we consume data full top. The number of hours people spend watching content on YouTube is going up 50% year on year. This could partly be down to its takeover and backing by global giant Google in 2006, for a staggering  £1.65 billion in shares.

50% of American teenagers now say YouTube is their number one website – which could account for the online sensation created by the millennials – the ‘Vlogger’, and why brands are clamoring to work with YouTube stars such as Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Tanya Burr, to name a few. Each of these have amassed a staggering amount of followers, with a reach no publication can touch, changing the traditional ‘media’ landscape entirely.

The most watched YouTube video is to some no surprise, K-Pop superstar Psy’s music video with 2,256,105,767 views. That’s Gangnam Style to most! We did a little YouTube audit of the Alfred office and here are some our favourite YouTube gems:

Katy loved Slow Loris so much, she created her own take on it…

That music, that turn, the zoom, THAT face! Dany is still perfecting the stunned chipmunk pose.

Dan thinks this bizarre dance off proves how one lone nut can create a movement. In a field. In three minutes. And reach over 12million people! An Alfred leader in the making?

‘Wellll, obviously’, said Caroline ‘it has to be the infamous Bed Intruder Song’

Lauren opted for the ever so fabulous Sophia Grace Brownlee…who actually, even looks a bit like her?

Gemma has gone for the perfect balance of super cute and super funny with this Jason Mraz cover

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