Alfred Loves… Frame

4th April 2014

Here at Alfred, we love a good cupcake, burger, milkshake, hot chocolate, pizza, curry (the list goes on…), so in order for us not to become 28 stone we have to work it off in the gym. One gym in particular, which the girls at Alfred especially love, is FRAME.


A dance, fitness and holistic studio based in Shoreditch and Queen’s Park, their ethos is ‘being fit shouldn’t be a chore’. And boy do we know what they’re talking about. With innovative classes such as ‘Bend it like Barbie’, ‘Jane Fonda aerobics’ and ‘Rhianna vs Beyonce dance’, we now can’t imagine anything worse than a boring session at a normal gym mindlessly running on the treadmill and doing half-arsed sit ups on a sweaty floor…


Every month Frame runs deals and Bootcamps to whip you into shape and stay that way. Unlike most Bootcamps, it’s fab being indoors away from the rain, having hot showers, good music and like-minded people with similar goals. With lots of equipment to play with, vibe machines, Reformer Pilates machines, dumbbells and kettlebells, we can’t think of a better way to lose that extra podge.


Without the help of Frame’s motivational instructors and inventive techniques, we would be the size of Jaba the hutt… The food in Soho is far TOO good!


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