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Back-to-school is a busy time. From helping kids mentally prepare for the new school year, to sorting school uniforms and getting back into the morning routine, there’s a lot for parents and carers to think about.

We wanted to place Tu Clothing at the forefront of parents’ minds as they started shopping for uniforms, with a campaign that would drive mass market brand awareness of Tu’s school shop offering, and increase share of voice through earned PR coverage. Importantly, we had to find a way to cut through a highly saturated back-to-school market.


We started by testing the mood of the nation’s parents and carers, and uncovered a particular pain-point around getting kids out of the door in the morning.

We learned that 75% of parents were worried about the back to school morning routine, andit was taking a shocking amount of time to get their little ones out the door-on an average school day morning, it takes 43 minutes to get a child up, ready and out of the house. That’s roughly 139 hours a year!

It was clear the morning routine was a common challenge for parents and carers, and so the‘School Uniform Showdown’ was born.

We enlisted the help of an expert, clinical psychologist Dr Martha Deiros Collado, to show usWHY these struggles are so common, and what expert-led solutions parents and carers can put into place to make mornings smoother. Dr Martha was joined by a truly relatable parent who could offer a light-hearted yet practical voice to parents at an already stressful time….cue strictly star, CBBC presenter and Dad, Ore Oduba.

We worked with Dr Martha and Ore to create easily accessible digital video content to tackle some of the biggest problems parents face when it comes to getting ready in the morning, and turn them into a series of mini challenges for parents and kids across the country to try at home.

Ore used his expertise as a children’s presenter and Dad to offer parents relief, and show that Tu is a supportive brand that aims to make the back to school experience a fun one for everyone in the family.


Our campaign chalked-up 41 pieces of coverage across key national and regional publications including the Daily Star, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Independent, as well as an exclusive interview in OK! with Ore.

97% of media coverage used the video asset and imagery we created, highlighting Tu’s range and putting the brand at the forefront of the news pieces.

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