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Sony – Where The Crawdads Sing


Drive consumers to watch Where the Crawdads Sing at the cinema, targeting a young female audience, as well as those 45+. Within that, we needed to appeal to existing fans of the book and Daisy Edgar Jones.


Where the Crawdads Sing was a huge literary success, and we didn’t want to lose sight of the film’s bestselling roots. Capitalising on the popularity of the book, we created a paid influencer campaign which tapped into the corner of TikTok devoted to reading, known as BookTok. Described as “the last wholesome place on the internet”, the hashtag had clocked up more than 100bn views and enabled us to target existing fans of the book who would be more likely to see the film. 

The film brings Kya’s (the protagonist) affinity with nature to life, illustrating how the North Carolina marshland is her happy place. In order to establish this link in the influencer’s content, we got each of them to narrate a paragraph from the book while doing an activity they love, linking it with scenes in the film. Each piece of content ended with a message encouraging their followers to head to the cinema and see the story come to life. 

In order to create additional opportunities for content creation (both paid and organic), we also invited the influencers to attend an exclusive screening of the film, where they captured content to post across their channels encouraging their followers to go and see the film in the cinema.


The BookTok content was viewed 4.4m times, generating 56k likes, and the screening content garnered 143k TikTok views, and 4k TikTok likes. Because the BookTok content generated such strong organic engagement, it was boosted with paid spend to ensure further visibility.

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