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Assisting parents through key milestones – Bings Little Wins


In collaboration with Acamar Films, we aimed to take the #BingsLittleWins campaign to the next level in 2024, leveraging the previous year’s success. Our mission was clear: to provide guidance and support for parents and carers through the ups and downs of raising children. With the Bing series as our inspiration, we sought to address real parenting challenges, helping to navigate the complexities and celebrate the victories, big and small.



Central to our strategy was the commitment to being a reliable source of support for parents. Often, brands partner with lifestyle influencers who are parents for a campaign like this. However, as there was a robust need for expertise, we focused on parenting experts to ensure not only were our influencers authentic, but they could add depth and expert advice to make the campaign resonate more deeply with audiences. 

With this insight, we partnered with three leading figures in parenting advice: Kate Silverton, the renowned BBC presenter and child psychologist; Dr.Martha Deiros Collado, a respected Clinical Psychologist; and Daisy Woods, a TikTok parenting authority. Our goal was to produce content that was not only informative but also injected a fresh and dynamic approach into the content creation process. 

We worked closely with each expert to address common parenting issues, creating content that was not only educational but also entertaining. Their diverse backgrounds and platforms, from BBC presenter to TikTok authority, added layers of relatability to the campaign.

Through IG reels and social media interactions, we didn’t just offer advice; we created an interactive experience for parents. Whether it was through engaging Q&A sessions, relatable anecdotes, or fun challenges, we sought to make parenting discussions lively and enjoyable. 

Our Meta paid social strategy helped extend the reach of our message beyond the immediate audience, targeting parents and those interested in child development. This ensured the #BingsLittleWins campaign was seen and felt widely.

Ultimately, the #BingsLittleWins campaign wasn’t just about sharing knowledge; it was about fostering a sense of community and enjoyment in the journey of parenting. By combining expertise with creative social content, we made a genuine connection with our target audience, leaving a lasting impression.



The results of our campaign were significant: Our content achieved nearly 5.3 million impressions and generated over 900,000 engagements on Bing’s owned channels, greatly exceeding our KPIs and objectives. We drove parents to Bing’s website, which had over 4,000 extra visits, showcasing the campaign’s ability to engage and motivate our audience.

Media coverage in notable publications like Notebook, S Magazine, Closer, and OK! further amplified brand awareness, highlighting the campaign messaging and sharing expert advice with a broader audience. These features increased visibility and provided valuable tips and insights at key moments throughout the year, supporting parents through various seasonal challenges.

Through this campaign, we’ve strengthened our connection with families, offering support and insights that resonate with the realities of parenting. 

#BingsLittleWins has become more than just a campaign; it’s a valuable resource and a community for sharing experiences and celebrating the small victories of parenting.


Image credit: Acamar films


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