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Oatly – It’s like milk, but made for humans


It was banned in Sweden three years ago, Oatly still wants to launch the same ad in the UK… but the world has moved on. How do we ensure the campaign generates debate, to propel the brand into the mind of consumers?


A hard working media relations campaign, with strategic placement of content, creation of loaded press releases, and hours upon hours on the phone. While the brand was worried about being sued, we advised that the world has moved on, and the biggest risk was that, in fact, no one cared. We created news stories, engaged with media on a one-to-one basis, built a solid media strategy, to ensure we were driving the debate to every corner of the UK. Our strategy was – take Oatly out of the East London bubble and into the mainstream media, where we can really drive a polarised debate.


Over 150+ hits of coverage across top tier media (we don’t count the lower tier stuff).

Radio day with Grace Dent and Ishen Paran (UK GM of Oatly), across a number of national and regional radio stations, over 16 hits across national newspapers… and the front cover of The New Review in the Observer.This cover feature, also ran on The Guardian online – which delivered over 500k impressions, 2.5k shares, and 150 reads per minute on the morning of publication (data supplied by media agency partner).


The biggest month for sales, and production, in Oatly’s history + an Oat Drink shortage as consumption has outstripped production.

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