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The world is gradually moving towards a more plant-based diet, with more of us understanding the impact that meat and dairy consumption has on the planet. But research showed there’s one group in society who remain stubborn in their dairy-loving ways – middle-aged men. Why? Well, it appears Dads are less willing to listen, or talk about the impact eating meat and dairy can have on the environment.

How should we engage this audience in the bigger picture and invite them into the plant-based drink space? 


When it comes to the big topics in life, such as managing finances, getting a good education, or even being careful in the bedroom – it’s usually the parents educating their children. However, when it comes to the environment – Oatly’s research showed that young adults are taking on the role of responsibility.

So we brought this dynamic to life through Help-Dad – the ultimate guide to help the dad in your life make the switch from dairy to plant-based. To support Oatly’s first ever TVCs – which saw teens jokingly call out their dads for sneaking sips of the white stuff – we executed Podcast takeovers, first-person features, radio debates & social activity that shone a light on research highlighting the gap in consumer attitudes to plant-based between young adults and older men.


It was a provocative campaign that got the industry and country doing exactly what we wanted it to do – talking. Whether people disagreed or agreed with the idea of reducing their dairy intake, thousands were talking on social media about the campaign, and in turn, the planet. And that’s a pretty good result. Key coverage hits included Independent, BBC, Campaign, Marketing Week, AdAge and more.


The lasting impact was conversations started across the UK, all about dairy-drinking behaviour and the broader impact of our food choices on the planet.

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