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Rewriting digital engagement rules – Netflix The Crown

Netflix The Crown

Step into a realm where royal drama meets digital dynamite! Our venture with Sylvanian Drama for Netflix’s The Crown was not just a campaign; it was a coronation of quirky, satirical splendour. 

We weren’t just promoting a series finale; we were orchestrating a cultural crossover, blending the stately gravitas of the monarchy with the unabashed wackiness of the digital era. Our mission? To catapult awareness for The Crown’s climax into the stratosphere and bring Kate & Wills into the TikTok age with a revolutionary flair.


The challenge and goals:

1.    Unprecedented Engagement: We aimed to spark a digital wildfire, leveraging Thea’s wicked wit and devilish dark comedy to magnetise eyeballs and set tongues wagging.

2.    Character Reintroduction: We sought to reintroduce Wills and Kate, not as distant royals, but as icons of the here-and-now, making The Crown an unmissable gem for the swipe-right generation.

3.    Series Celebration: We pledged to pay tribute to every epoch the series touched upon—from the stiff upper lips of the ’40s to the Y2K frenzy—ensuring each era shimmered in the digital limelight.

How it came to life:

How do you spice up the royals, history’s most grandiose reality show? By blending centuries-old drama with the zing of modern satire, that’s how! Instead of roping in a celebrity or historian, we went off-script—way off. Enter Sylvanian Drama (aka Thea, the TikTok titan), armed with an army of 3-inch, fuzzy figures ready to stir up the stiff upper lips of the monarchy.

Thea, a maestro of mischief with a whopping 2.4M TikTok followers and 500K on Instagram, took the royal saga and flipped it on its crown. Think of it as historical storytelling meets punk rock concert—no royal scandal was too sacred, no storyline too solemn. It’s history, but with an electrifying pop soundtrack and a flair for the dramatic.

Casting Call: Royal Rumble Edition

Choosing the top-ten royal ruckuses was like picking the spiciest gossip at a high tea—deliciously difficult. The debates raged: Should Charles be the dog with the droopy ears or the dapper deer? Is that hedgehog’s hairdo regal enough for Thatcher? And, of course, Churchill is that bulldog—no contest! These quirky casting conundrums turned our office into a buzzing, giggling war room of whimsy.

Trust in Thea: The Royal Rendition

With our royal roster set, we handed the sceptre to Thea. And, oh, did she reign supreme! Her ten video-masterpieces were less ‘Once Upon a Time’ and more ‘Hold Onto Your Tiaras.’ The first episode dropped with a bang, rivalling Netflix’s own for eyeballs and buzz. A new gem premiered every few days, sparking a frenzy of likes, shares, and “LOLs.” Fans declared ‘The Sylvanian Crown’ not just a hit but a royal knockout.

In this campaign, we didn’t just narrate history; we let Thea’s felt-covered troupe of tiny titans dance through it, bringing a fresh, fabulous face to the age-old tales of the crown.

Action and reaction:

The campaign’s triumph was fit for a king:

•    Virality and Reach: A kingdom of (organic) viewers tuned in—over 11.3 million, with Thea’s court of content leading the royal parade, marking this her most triumphant paid partnership yet.

•    Engagement: We were showered with comments, shares and favourites as content racked up over 1.2 million total engagements. 

•    Attention: The campaign was a digital magnet, with viewers glued for an average of 16 seconds, a testament to content that was not just seen but savoured.

•    Efficiency: With stellar metrics like a combined CPM of £1.63 and CPV of a mere £0.002, we didn’t just spend; we invested in engagement that paid dividends.

•    Sentiment: The reception was unanimously jubilant, with over 4,800 comments, a clear sign that we didn’t just meet expectations; we royally surpassed them.

The Crown x Sylvanian Drama saga wasn’t just a campaign but a cultural phenomenon shared by JVN & SNL regulars. It is a testament to how a dash of creativity, a sprinkle of strategy, and a generous dollop of content creator’s anarchic charm can meet objectives and rewrite digital engagement rules. As we present this masterpiece for the PRCA Digital Awards, we’re not just showcasing a campaign; we’re heralding a revolution in storytelling, a triumph of digital artistry, and a new era of royal engagement. 

This wasn’t just about making a splash; it was about making history.👑

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