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Neato – #MyHappyMess


How do we educate and increase awareness in the UK of the benefits of Neato’s products and technology?

Tech lovers, already know about robotic vacuums, but the wider mainstream audience are yet to discover or be convinced by their capabilities. We identified an opportunity to take Neato to a new audience segment not yet targeted by any other brand in the space. A segment we believe with have huge propensity to purchase.


To connect with this audience we launched an insight led campaign to encourage the UK to embrace their mess. We wanted to challenge the perception of perfection and showcase the reality behind the show home, the HappyMess! Our campaign was multi-channel, from traditional PR, to social and content and influencer engagement.


We launched #MyHappyMess as national news story and secured coverage in 8 with 11 in total across top tier media. Our hero ambassador influencer Come Down to The Woods conducted lifestyle interviews and features with the likes of Metro and Daily Mail.

We engaged influencers in the interiors space, those who were also challenging the perception of perfection on social media. With the 5 Influencers engaged, we had three times average engagement rate (15% vs 5% as benchmark) and 360k (tracked actual) reach of influencer content with their audiences and 23k engagements on influencer content.

We saw 25k engagements on Neato own social channels around campaign content with 1.1k clicks through to the D7 product page.

The campaign reached a broader audience via word of mouth with top tier influencers emailing us to become part of the campaign (including Madeleine Shaw who is a massive UK influencer) and we had a Hashtag reach of 500k over the campaign period.

Our Instagram channel grew from 0 to 1,000 in two weeks.


The campaign led to greater awareness across a brand new audience for Neato, where we are now able to grow the product within an audience segment never previously targeted by any brand in this space.

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