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Fairtrade Fortnight 2021


Fairtrade has had a challenge around how to communicate and build a public understanding of the role they play in fighting the climate crisis. 

We needed to engage their existing audience on how Fairtrade is addressing the climate crisis, whilst inspiring and attracting a newer generation of conscious consumers to the cause. 


To highlight the work Fairtrade was doing to tackle the climate crisis, we launched the headline event of Fairtrade Fortnight 2021, engaging these captive audiences in this discussion. 

To do this we partnered with The Guardian, to launch a joint event, discussing how the climate crisis is impacting the global food supply. Using The Guardian’s platform to broaden our audience and spread the message. 

Our event discussion featured influential representatives in the climate space, chaired by Guardian journalist Lucy Siegle, our panel featured Professor Emeritus of Food Policy, City University of London Tim Lang, Managing Director of Fairtrade banana cooperative Banelino and Chair of CLAC Marike de Peña, and Reparationist Esther Stanford-Xosie.

We worked with Fairtrade ambassadors to hero the activity, hosting interviews with Brigderton actress Adjoa Andoh and TV presenter Nick Hewer to hero the cause. 

On the day of the event and the first day of the Fortnight, Fairtrade published a new report calling on the UK government to work harder to clean up food supply chains and tackle the vast amount of carbon emissions ‘hidden’ in imported food and products that Brits want but can’t grow in the UK.


We had over 1,600 people attend our event, and engage in the discussion and conversation across social media specifically around Fairtrade’s link to climate change, which was the objective. We saw coverage across hero titles such as Vanity Fair, Metro, Guardian and Independent.


This campaign was a first step in opening up the conversation around climate change and Fairtrade, raising awareness within their existing communities around the brand and what they are doing in the space to protect and support farmers. 

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