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505 Games – Global Influencer Engagement – ABZU


Support the launch of ABZU, but don’t give too much away, as the game inherantly includes a risk that it can be watched rathern than played. This was due to the narrative nature of the game, and while visually stunning, players potentially see spoilers online. The approach needed to be targeted, and reach audiences that are likely to be passionate about the game


To showcase the game, but also ensure we didnt reveal the secrets that made the narrative special, we secured VLOG style review content from influencers, vs straight up let’s play video. This avoided too much gameplay being shared, and spoilers being let out the bag. We enlisted both paid for and unpaid influencers through the campaign, to showcase their views in the most authentic way possible. Influencers were selected based on our proprietary data analysis framework, ensuring that the partners selected, were a perfect fit.


Secured free videos from the likes of Jacksepticeye along with additional content series from key influencers.
4.3m views generated within 2 weeks – delivering a CPV of less than £0.001.
Tracked retail clicks of 16,300 directly from video descriptions (0.38% CTR and £0.50 CPC)

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