The Week That Was: Social Media (08/02/19)

8th February 2019


Over ¼ of Brits believe Facebook will launch a banking product

A recent study showed that over one quarter of Brits believe that Facebook will launch a banking product by 2023. This comes alongside service expansion from Amazon, who launched a physical grocery store in 2018.

Instagram’s most famous eggs cracks under pressure

The egg seen round the world who overtook Kylie Jenner as the most liked image on Instagram has officially cracked. Following the Superbowl this past weekend, the channel posted a video of the egg cracking revealing a message of mental health awareness. But some of us are still wondering which came first: the campaign or the egg?

The million follower high club

YouTube has seen accounts with 1m+ followers double in the last year. The platform also saw the number of people earning 6 figures through the site grow by 40%.

Snap back

Snapchat has shared positive news this week, announcing that user numbers have held strong over Q4 last year.

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