11th January 2019


Tesco beats Christmas retail blues

Tesco has emerged as one of the winners of the Christmas period, reporting its best growth in nearly a decade, while other major retailers such as John Lewis and Marks & Spencer suffered. To the surprise of analysts, Tesco’s chief executive, Dave Lewis, hailed a “very strong Christmas performance which was ahead of the market”.

John Lewis may axe its famous staff bonuses

John Lewis is considering suspending its staff bonus for the first time in 66 years in the wake of the worst Christmas for retailers since the depths of the financial crisis. For the first time since 1953, the store famous for its Christmas bonuses have stated weak consumer demand has prompted the chain to reevaluate its well-known scheme.

There’s never been a better time to be vegan

With restaurants, chefs and well-known brands introducing more vegan options than ever, sticking to a plant-based diet is now both simple and indulgent – according to Club Mexicana’s Meriel Armitage.

Shoppers pan Sainsbury’s wellness aisles

Shoppers have criticised new Sainsbury’s wellness aisles after they noticed unhealthy food items apparently included on the shelves.

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